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Governor meetings

Date Committee Staff, Governors Attended Apologies
20/9/18 Finance & Personnel ZC (Chair), SF, EP, PS, AP AL
26 /9/18
Teaching & Learning
PS (Chair), SF, EP, AC, LR, VP .CB,LM
3/10/18 FGB EP, (Chair), SF, LR, ZC, , SU, AC, CB, PS, VP,AR,ACass
10/10/18  Premises Health & Safety LR (Chair), SF, SU, PS AC, LM ACass
16/10/18 Premises Health & Safety  LR (Chair), SF, AC, LM SU
18/10/18 Steering Group ZC (Chair), EP, LR,PS, SF
7/11/18 Teaching & Learning PS ( Chair) SF,EP,AC,VP,CB,LM LR
21/11/18 Finance & Personnel ZC( Chair) SF,PS,AP EP A Cass
05/12/18 FGB
01/02/19 Steering Group
13/02/19 Finance & Personnel
14/02/19 Premises, Health & Safety Thurlow
27/02/19 Premises, Health & Safety Hundon L
27/02/19 Teaching & Learning

11/3/19                                                                       Finance & Personnel

13/3/19                                                                        FGB

 1/5/19                                                                          Premises Health & Safety Thurlow

7/5/19                                                                           Premises Health & Safety Hundon

19/6/19                                                                         Finance & Personnel 

10/7/19                                                                         FGB


SF Sharon FitzGerald ( Head Teacher)

EP Emma Pitt (Chair of Governors)

LR Lizzie Rosewell (Vice Chair of Governors)

VP Val Phillips Governor

SU Sarah Upson (Governor)

AC Anne Crawley (Governor)

ZC Zena Chalmers (Governor)

PS Penny Smith Governor)

AR Alex Rolland Governor

ACass Alex Cassidy ( Governor)

CB Clare Buckle (Staff)

AL Audrey Loosely (Staff)

AP Angie Price (Staff)

LM Lisa Mitson (Staff)