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Pupil Premium and Sports Funding


The school has received £18 900 of funding for the academic year 2016-2017 for the following reason:

14% of pupils received Free School Meals ( FSM) or have received FSM in the last 6 years or are looked after children.

We have used this funding to ensure that those pupils and other vulnerable groups of pupils are making good progress.A main focus of Pupil Premium spending in the academic year 2016/17 is to reduce identified gaps and raise the standards in communication, reading, writing and maths.


The following resources and interventions have been purchased:


  • Small group intervention with additional teachers                            £5880
  • 14% of the TA budget                                                                       £8 400
  • 50% of KS2 TA                                                                                 £7 250
  • Violin Tuition                                                                                     £750
  • Guitar Tuition                                                                                    £500
  • Mathletics                                                                                          £420
  • Newspaper Subscription                                                                   £57
  • Maths Mastery                                                                                  £1155
  • Maths Resources                                                                              £1392
  • Talk 4 Writing                                                                                    £1875



Three KS1 pupils

Majority of the KS1 pupils have made good progress with one pupil achieving above expected.

Eight KS2 pupils

7/8 pupils are making expected or above expected progress.  All of the lower KS2 pupils are working at or above expected.  The Year 5/6 pupils are targeted to meet expected at the end of KS2.

Small group intervention with additional teachers £5880


All Pupil Premium pupils have received additional small group or 1to1 teaching time to close gaps.  Majority of pupils are now making expected or above expected progress.

14% of the TA budget £8 400

50% of KS2 TA £7 250



Specific interventions are being used such as Catch Up Literacy, Rapid Reading, Precision Teaching and Maths intervention.  Pupils progress is accelerating.

Violin Tuition   £750

Guitar Tuition £500

Three pupils benefit from learning a musical instrument.

Mathletics    £420

Enabling pupils to access Maths activities at home. Several pupil premium children use the site.

Newspaper Subscription  £57


For older KS2 giving the class a variety of reading materials and engaging them in reading.

Maths Mastery      £1155

Maths Resources  £1392


A whole school Maths improvement programme which is increasing engagement and improving Maths teaching across the school.

Talk 4 Writing £1875


A whole school Literacy improvement strategy which includes teacher and teaching assistant training.




We should receive £18 900 for the academic year 2017-18 which is for 10 Free School Meals children and 3 previously adopted children.


The money will be used in the following ways:

  • Small group intervention with additional teachers                            £8 130
  • 20% of the TA budget                                                                       £14 549
  • Violin Tuition                                                                                       £750
  • Mathletics                                                                                            £420
  • Newspaper Subscription                                                                       £57
  • Maths Mastery                                                                                   £1190

 PPG spending is monitored termly through pupil data analysis. Their end of year achievement is compared to earlier starting points for each child, and against both cohort achievement and national standards. The impact on pupil well-being and self-esteem is also taken into consideration. The PPG spending will be reviewed in September 2018.


Sports Funding 2016-17


The school received £8381 to improve the quality of PE and sports.

The school used the money in the following ways: 

  • Release of the PE co-ordinator to monitor the quality of PE  £400
  • Sports Coach for support in PE lessons £6298
  • Football coaching for Y5/6 £540
  • Football competition £130
  • Resources £447
  • Hire of the village hall and Astro £530
  • After school and breakfast clubs £2870


Improved facilities for PE lessons with the use of the village hall and Village Astro Turf.  Improvements in the quality of PE lessons with lessons being judged as good and the use of coaches for specialist provision.  Increase in competitive sport with the school taking part in Football, Cross Country, Netball, Tennis and Cricket competitions. Children reaching the county finals in Netball.  Sports Club before school attracts 15 children every session.  Children now have access to 4 additional free sport sessions a week.


The school will receive £8381 in the academic year 2017/18 for improving the quality of PE and Sports.

The school expects to use this money in the following ways:

  • Release of the PE co-ordinator to monitor the quality of PE and training £500
  • Sports Coach for support in PE lessons £6800
  • Before school sports club £2000
  • After school sports clubs £1020
  • PE equipment £250
  • Hire of the village hall and Astro  £1250
  • Shallow Water Traing of staff £300
  • Additional Swimming Instructors £1300