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School Meals


 Meals, served at the school, are prepared on the premises by our cook. The price of a meal is currently £2.30 per day for Key Stage 2 children. Please send the correct amount of lunch money (cash or cheque) for the week, in a named, sealed envelope, on Monday morning. If your child is absent later in the week, the money will automatically be credited. A pre-booked meal will have to be paid for if not cancelled by 10.30 a.m. that day. You may pay by cheque for the whole term or half term.  Cheques should be made payable to ‘SCC Hundon CP School ‘and have your child’s name and your name and address on the back. 

 Dinners can also be paid for online at  https://secure.suffolkcc.gov.uk/customerservice/CSD/SCC/product.aspx?ProductID=EDSM01

Some children may qualify for a free school meal. If you think this may apply to you, please contact the school office.

 Drinks may be brought to have with lunch but these must not be fizzy.

Children whose parents do not wish them to have a school meal may bring a packed lunch. Please do not send sweets in packed lunches.


The school lunch menu changes termly details can be found by visiting www.eats-catering.co.uk


 For a number of reasons we ask you not to send any sweets, snacks or drinks to school with your child to be eaten at mid-morning break.At present due  to a Government initiative, children in class 1/2 and Reception are offered a free piece of fruit at playtime each day.Key stage 2 children may bring a piece of fruit to eat at breaktime.



Please give your child a plastic bottle to use in school for water. It is important that they drink water throughout the day and we want it available to them. The bottles can be filled at home if you wish. Bottles need to be taken home in the evening and washed. Water bottles are available for purchase from the school office.